BST holds management team talent review meeting

Release time:  2020-08-04

On the morning of July 28, 2020, the kick-off meeting of BST's talent review meeting was held in the 7th conference room of South site. The meeting was presided over by Zhao Xijing, director of HR&ADM department. Liu Jie, chairman and deputy general manager of BST, Martin, general manager, and directors and managers of various departments attended the meeting.

Martin, general manager of BST, explained the background, purpose and significance of the event to the participants on the main challenges faced by BST and the company's decision-making. He stressed that through the comprehensive evaluation of the qualification, performance, ability and potential of management personnel, the improvement of management's flexibility, leadership and work efficiency can be fully realized.

Liu Jie, chairman and deputy general manager, delivered a speech on "internal and external market environment, product quality problems, and construction of BST management team". He pointed out that BST managers should always grasp the political red line and professional bottom line when dealing with product quality, constantly adapt to the challenges brought by changes in internal and external markets and new technologies, and continue to build a fair, justified, open and transparent selection and employment ecosystem.

In this activity, SHL was employed as an expert team to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of BST's management personnel by means of evaluation and participation in development center. The purpose of this activity is to comprehensively improve the human resource management level of BST, identify talents, apply talents, cultivate talents and reserve talents, and strive to allocate a high-quality talent team for the strategic goal of enterprise development and build a solid foundation for the healthy development of the enterprise.

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